Hatidza Jahic, The Educational Reformist

Hatidza Jahic’s applied for the Fulbright scholarship to fulfil her personal and academic objectives; to leave her comfort zone, explore the US and learn from the world’s largest economy. Jahic (31) is a PHD candidate with the faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Zagreb. At the end of Spring 2017 she completed her one year foreign student program at the Sam M.Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville. She is now back home in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina where she works as a teaching assistant with the Department of Economic Theory and Policy and her focal areas are development, international and regional economics.  

This educational economist is highly dedicated and passionate about her craft and has continued to strategically align herself with opportunities that have enabled her to benchmark and cement her skills in this field. Prior to arriving in Fayetteville, she was teaching assistant with the School of Economics and Business at the University of Sarajevo. Jahic is a scholar of note and has benefited from other prestigious and internationally based scholarships such as the Erasmus program, funded by the EU and the British Scholarship Trust. These international and educational programs have exposed Jahic to different systems and processes in her area of specialization, giving her a personal perspective to various educational experiences.

For both her MA and PhD thesis her research centered on educational economics, and now she wants to concentrate on the educational aspect. During her year in Fayetteville, she took additional classes in education policy, politics of education and measuring of educational outcomes. This has enabled her to fill the gaps in her comprehension of the educational component, “When it comes to local context, Bosnia and Herzegovina is still tackling with reforms, including educational reforms. This is where I believe I can be of use to my nation. I am prepared and have benefitted from exposure to international education, mobility programs and continuous education. My work experience is in both high school and university levels.”

Jahic recalls that she was on a library visit in London at the University of Central London (UCL) when she saw the call for Fulbright applications on the US Embassy online page. This fitness fanatic and avid traveller has been surrounded by former Fulbrighters’ since her undergraduate days; specifically professors who left a great impression on her. She is now a stern advocate for the Fulbright program, “Fulbright is an amazing and enriching program. I have enjoyed the company of students from all corners of the globe. I have studied in beautiful and motivating environments such as the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville. I have learnt and appreciated different cultures, customs and traditions.Through this program I have regained my spirit of volunteerism. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience which I highly recommend to anyone in the world.”  

With that said Jahic ends the conversation with an open invite to the nation of Sarajevo, “It is a country of great people, very rich history, traditions and amazing nature. Simply, there is something for everyone.” She also notes that compared to the US, Europeans conform to hierarchy and the culture is more formal and even influences the clothes they wear.


Writer: Boitshepo Balozwi, is a Fulbright scholar from Botswana doing her MA in Journalism at the Lemke School of Journalism, Fayetteville campus, University of Arkansas.