Officers, 2016-2017

Joshua Deines, President
Josh Deines is a PhD student of Poultry Science studying hatchery and breeder management and reproductive physiology. Some of his research areas include color preference in broilers, egg storage and incubation conditions, probiotic administration, and in ovo vaccination. Josh is from a small agricultural community in Colorado and took a year sabbatical to serve as a State Officer for the Colorado FFA Association. This passion for agriculture and service led him to earn degrees in Animal Science and Agricultural Education at Colorado State University. Josh has also raised cattle and is an avid outdoorsman and martial artist.

Samantha Cox, Vice-President
Samantha Cox is a Master Student in Poultry Science focusing her research on poultry water quality in hopes to provide the poultry industry with all the necessary tools and information for evaluating and implementing water quality programs. Samantha first attended Crowder College where she earned her associates degree and then moved on to earn her bachelors degree in Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas.

Shawna Weimer, Secretary
Shawna Weimer is a PhD candidate in Poultry Science. Shawna is originally from central Iowa. She earned a BS double majoring in Animal Science and Animal Ecology in 2010 and a MS in Animal Physiology specializing in swine ethology in 2012 from Iowa State University. Before coming to the U of A Shawna held positions in pork processing plant quality assurance and pork procurement. She is continuing her passion for animal wellbeing by focusing her dissertation research on non-invasive measures of broiler stress and lameness. Shawna will graduate in May 2017 and is excited to broaden her impact of improving the lives and performance of animals in agriculture.

Deepti Pranay Samarth, Treasurer
Deepti P. Samarth is a PhD student in Poultry science with her research focus on functional genomics of Campylobacter.  She is also studying Campylobacter population dynamics during transmission in chicken houses. Her research will increase knowledge on this multi-host zoonotic microbe and will help design better control strategies. She is an international student from India. She pursued her Master’s degree from RTM Nagpur University, India.

Dr. Nick Anthony, Advisor

Ms. Donna Delozier, Advisor

We are also supported by a great team of faculty and staff in the Department of Poultry Science.

Members, 2016-2017

Member list coming soon…

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