The Poultry Science Graduate Association brings together graduate students in the Department of Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas. Through our interactions and sponsored activities, we provide opportunities for personal growth, academic success, and career networking.


PSGA hosts many events and activities throughout the year including, but not limited to:

International Lunch
Our premier fundraiser promotes cultural exchange through everyone’s common love, food! Each semester, students from every represented country in the club bring a favorite or iconic dish from their nation.

Scientific Presentation Contest & Practice
Our members engage in cutting edge research and have the opportunity to show it off at many venues such as the Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting and the International Poultry Scientific Forum. PSGA hosts practice sessions before these major forums and professors and colleagues within the department provide feedback. Those who excel receive special prizes sponsored by the club.

Pig Roast
The tradition continues every spring as we roast a pig at Dr. Watkins’ cabin. The fun also involves camping on the river, fishing, and playing volleyball!

Guest Speakers
We are lucky to have well-connected members and professors who bring in various professionals from across the world to talk about their careers, research, and personal success. Other speakers have also provided humorous entertainment or offered insight to future graduates as they search the job market.

Learn more about the Department of Poultry Science here.

The content of this site is solely that of PSGA, a registered student organization at the University of Arkansas, and does not in any way reflect the views of the University of Arkansas.

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