Officer Application

Please review the below officer responsibilities listing to get an overview of what our Beta Alpha Psi Officers do throughout the year. Without our officers, the Alpha Iota chapter would not be as successful as it is today. Requirements to be an officer include active participation, leadership skills, organizational skills, communication skills, and fulfilling membership requirements. Candidates and members are eligible to apply.

Officer Applications will be posted later in the semester!



Beta Alpha Psi – Alpha Iota Chapter

Executive Board Roles and Responsibilities


    • Oversees all events and operations of the chapter
    • Responsible for ensuring completion of the Beginning of Year, Mid-Year, and End of Year Reports
    • Liaison to BAP Faculty Advisor, Accounting Department Chair, and BAP National Office
    • Responsible for planning and leading executive board meetings
    • Responsible for planning and coordinating attendance to the Regional and Annual Meetings
    • Creates presentation and makes announcements at weekly meetings
    • Responsible for developmental direction of chapter
    • Responsible for setting up HogSync and exploring the capabilities of the platform
    • Gold Challenge Video

Vice President

    • Directly steps in when President is unavailable
    • Responsible for supporting other officers when help is needed
    • Answers general questions and communicates with employers on a regular basis
    • Assist VP Communication in keeping up with BAP website and BAP email
    • Assist Reporting Secretaries with external and internal reporting
    • Works with VP Marketing to recruit new candidates and retain active members

Reporting Secretary

    • Responsible for completing Beginning of Year, Mid-Year, and End of Year Reports due to the National Office
    • Works with President and Vice President to ensure compliance of national requirements
    • Responsible for setting up officers on Reporting Intranet
    • Reviews professional hours and community service hours reports from Assistant Reporting Secretary and VP Community Service
    • Reports professional and community service hours to the Reporting Intranet
    • Responsible for maintaining active candidate and member list to update Reporting Intranet at beginning and end of each semester
    • Keeps track of current member information [e.g. leave status, meeting professional hours, meeting community service hours]
      1. Reach out to members and candidates struggling to meet their hours

Assistant Reporting Secretary

    • Maintains weekly meeting and event attendance
    • Maintains master attendance spreadsheet
    • Maintains active member and candidate list
    • Finalizes reports to Reporting Secretary for the Reporting Intranet
    • Facilitates sign in process at meetings
    • Reports professional and community service hours back to members bi-monthly
    • Sends member and candidate T shirt sizes to VP Marketing
    • Responsible for maintaining active member and new candidate list [beginning and end of each semester] to update HogSync
    • Keeps track of current member information [e.g. leave status, meeting professional hours, meeting community service hours]
      1. Reach out to members and candidates struggling to meet their hours


    • Maintains transaction log
    • Performs quarterly reconciliation of our internal records to records from the Treasurer’s Office
    • Collects, records, and deposits member and candidate dues
    • Responsible for making timely payment to national office for annual chapter maintenance fee
    • Responsible for making timely payment to national office for new candidate dues
    • Responsible for requesting checks for reimbursements to officers
    • Responsible for requesting checks to pay for dinner at weekly meetings
    • Provides Reporting Secretaries with an updated listing of candidates and members who have paid dues
    • Works with President and Reporting Secretary on Beginning of Year, Mid-Year, and End of Year Reports
    • Works with VP Finance on tracking receipt of payment for invoiced amounts

Assistant Treasurer

  • Helps Treasurer with dues collections, responding to emails regarding late fees, and helps provide reporting secretary with the updated list
  • Also aids the VP Finance with the invoices for food and drinks

VP Finance

    • Creates and sends invoices to employers for reimbursement of food and drink costs from weekly meetings
    • Creates and sends invoices to employers for BAP hosted events
    • Maintain an invoice tracker to make sure payments are made and on time
      1. Works with Treasurer to reconcile and double check records
    • Works with VP Meetings and VP Events on reimbursement receivable process for meeting and event expenses
    • Responsible for accounts receivables and sending out friendly reminders for past due amounts

VP Events

    • Works closely with Vice President and VP Meetings in planning and execution of chapter events
    • Assists VP Meetings setting up dinner at meetings
    • Plans and executes Meet the Employers each semester
    • Plans and executes annual Beta Alpha Psi-de Out
    • Plans and executes annual Bowl-A-Thon
    • Reaches out to employers when event registrations are open

VP Meetings

    • Reserves weekly meeting rooms, including space for dinner
    • Orders and picks up food for each meeting
    • Replenishes plates, napkins, silverware, cups, drinks, etc.
    • Creates next academic school year’s schedule
    • Assigns meeting topics with employers each semester
    • Communicates with employers the week prior to their meeting

VP Communication

    • Maintains BAP website
      1. Learn how to operate WordPress platform
      2. Update the website on a weekly basis to include current events
        1. Use professional creativity
      3. Creates and maintains forms
        1. BAP application
        2. MTE
        3. Beta Alpha Psi-de Out
        4. Bowl-A-Thon
        5. Ad hoc forms (contact, feedback, alumni, mentor)
    • Maintains BAP email
      1. Compose weekly newsletter with announcements
      2. Answer general email questions in a timely and professional manner
      3. Direct unexpected or special knowledge emails to appropriate officers
      4. Work with secretaries to ensure member and candidate contact lists are up to date
    • Creates a spreadsheet of new candidate applications from website/email
      1. Sends spreadsheet to faculty advisor for a comparison to UA Connect for official major declaration, GPA, and hours requirements

VP Community Service

    • Creates calendar of events for community service
    • Makes sure service activities are advertised in weekly newsletter, meeting announcements, and on BAP website
    • Responsible for ensuring there are ample community service opportunities
    • Responsible for recording service event attendance and reporting attendance to Reporting Secretary

Assistant VP Community Service

  • Assists the VP Community Service officer answer emails and input hours
  • Finds more events to add to the list of community service events offered

VP Marketing

    • Schedules class visits the week of the informational meeting
    • Maintains all social media accounts (includes: instagram and LinkedIn) – post once a week
    • Maintains marketing box outside of WCOB Undergraduate Programs office
    • Works with Vice President to recruit new candidates and retain active members
    • Takes short video clips and photos at meetings and events and archives them on Dropbox or flash drive
    • Works with President on Gold Challenge application by filming, editing, and creating the video


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