Of The Month Pointers

Here are some great pointers to help you write quality nominations for OTMs:

 * OTMs must be month-specific, what a person specifically did that month, or a program that occurred during that month

 * ORIGINALITY! Make the OTM exciting to read

 * The OTM has to be about something OUTSTANDING

 * Focus on efficident use of words — don’t use all 600 if it’s not necessary

 * Innovation and creativity in your writing

 * Make it readable (proof-read)

      * Grammar

      * Don’t Use Acronyms 

      * Capitalize What Needs To Be Capitalized

 * Don’t write in a huge chunk, separate paragraphs

 * Use at least half the word count

 * Most importantly, put in the effort equal to the quality of the person or program that you are nominating