The W5YM Centennial Special Event on August 27th, 2016 was a great success! We logged a total of 155 QSOs, mainly PHONE, but some PSK31 and CW contacts were in there, too. Considering there were about 5 other contests and/or on-the-air events going on that weekend, we felt like we did well.

If you were one of our contacts for the event, here is some information that you need to know:

  • All QSOs have now been uploaded to Logbook of the World
    • PLEASE NOTE: On 21-Sept-2016 we had to correct some CW QSOs that were uploaded to LoTW. *All QSOs on LoTW should now be correct*
  • QSO cards for the special event should be printed soon; we’ll get them out as soon as they are ready
    • Update 7-Sept-2016: The cards have been printed and look great! We hope to get them sent out sometime in the next 2-3 weeks
  • If you would like one of the commemorative QSO cards:
    • Please send a SASE to us (the address for W5YM is the correct one to use)
      • Again: Please include a SASE, or we won’t be able to send your QSO card
    • You don’t *have* to, but since you are going to send us a SASE, please put your own QSO card in there as well
  • If you are a W5YM alumni and you served as a club officer at some point, please drop in a note with the position you held and the years you served.
  • Also, for any W5YM alumni, if you have any memories to share about being a part of the club, jot those down, too… we’d love to hear them! Any information and/or stories provided will be included in the club’s history (on the website). You can also email club-related information, pictures, and stories to:

Thanks again to everyone that participated in the event; we are looking forward to another 100 years on the University of Arkansas campus!

Short version: for your commemorative QSO card, send a SASE and QSO card to the address for W5YM on record at

73, Mike AE5ZC

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