What is ham radio?


Ham radio operators are at the cutting edge of many technologies.


Hams provide many hours of volunteer community and emergency services.


Enter a contest. Join a club. Participate in Field Day. Talk to your neighbor or to someone on another continent.

League_diamond_color_lowThe Amateur Radio Club of the University of Arkansas (ARCUA) is a student-run organization that welcomes UA students, faculty, and staff to participate. We are also an ARRL-affiliated club. We are devoted to amateur radio, often called “ham radio,” where we enjoy using and experimenting with radio technology as a hobby. Amateur radio is also a service— a vital service— that has saved lives when regular communication systems have failed.

Because the Amateur Radio Service is also controlled by international law and agreements, radio operators must be licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). While not necessary to participate in ARCUA events, you’ll have a lot more fun if you are licensed– and we can help you to get your license.

Why ham radio? Hams are at the cutting edge of many technologies, and they provide many hours of volunteer community and emergency services when normal communication channels are down or overloaded. Come join us and learn more about this fun and fascinating hobby!

Find more information on ham radio HERE.

More information on licensing can be found HERE.

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