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Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is an honorary accounting, finance, and information systems organization that is committed to professionalism and community service.  We recognize scholastic and professional excellence and give students opportunities to network with employers, faculty, and other accounting students, and to get involved in community service projects.

The Alpha Iota Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi was installed in 1951 as a result of the efforts of Professor Walter B. Cole and a group of dedicated accounting majors.  Dr. Nolan E. Williams was the first Faculty Vice President and started the chapter early as an “Outstanding Chapter.”  In 1957 he was elected to the National Council of Beta Alpha Psi and served as National President in 1959-60.

Dr. Doris M. Cook served as Faculty Vice President from 1957-65, during which time the chapter won awards each year for outstanding achievement.  Dr. Cook was also elected to the National Council of Beta Alpha Psi in 1973 and served as National President in 1977-78.  She was the first female to serve on the National Council.

Dr. Thomas Hayes currently serves as Faculty Advisor for Beta Alpha Psi.  The chapter continues to increase membership, contacts with new employers, and awareness of current issues that affect financial information professionals.  Superior Chapter status has been awarded to the chapter for the past 20+ academic years, and Gold Status has been awarded three times. The Alpha Iota Chapter operates with tremendous support from Department Chair Dr. Gary Peters and the rest of the Accounting Department.

The chapter hosts weekly meetings at which representatives from public accounting firms, regional accounting firms, Fortune 500 companies, and other organizations discuss current accounting and industry topics.  Faculty of the Walton College also visit to promote the CPA exam, graduate programs, and other professional opportunities.  In addition to professional meetings, the chapter participates in local community service events.

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Welcome Back!

Happy New Year! Welcome back to school as we head off another great semester with Beta Alpha Psi. We are the premiere Honors Society for Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems majors at the University of Arkansas. We are making some changes this semester, and...

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