Extra Professional Hour Opportunities

****If you attend any of these meetings, you MUST sign in on the BAP sign-in sheets that will be at these events! If you do not sign in with BAP specifically, we will have no way of knowing if you were there or not.****

Extra Inside Professional Hour Opportunities:

These specific events, some hosted by the Walton College Finance Association, have been approved to provide inside professional hours for BAP members. Finance majors are especially encouraged to attend, but these companies will be interested in anyone who can meet the requirements of BAP. If you are interested in these companies or are worried about meeting your professional hour requirements because of missed meetings, then you should mark your calendars.



We are currently on the lookout for more inside professional opportunities for Spring of 2019!

Outside Professional Hour Opportunities:

For the following events, you to be able to receive outside professional hours. Remember, members will need 10 and candidates will need 12 professional hours per semester, but no more than 5 of those hours may be outside per semester.

All of your interviews, office visits, attendance at keynote speaker presentations, non-BAP career fairs and much more are considered as outside hours. Please submit your outside hours here.

We are currently on the lookout for more outside professional opportunities for Spring of 2019!

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